Casa Vizcaya, house of Indianos in Lanestosa

The “Casa Vizcaya” was built for Manuela Sainz Ferrer (married to Vicente Sainz de Rozas Gutiérrez) by local architect Eloy Martínez del Valle between 1912 and 1915. The “Sainz de Rozas” family had become very rich in the Philippines with banking and textile businesses, whose dividends allowed all of them to live quite well. As other “Indianos” (from former Spanish colonies, also called “Indias”), people came back much wealthier to Spain and built big houses surrounded by palm trees and flashy cars to show off.

Their richness increased when one Sainz de Rozas married a Martínez González, another local “Indiano” family that owned businesses in Cuba. This couple, Juan José Sainz de Rozas Sainz Ferrer and Olimpia Martínez de la Paz, were given this house as a present from his mother, who built it over a building that had been destroyed by a fire. When they left Lanestosa to live in Madrid (quite common for other indianos), they started to come only during summer and they finally sold it to another familiy. It’s currently on sale on Idealista (some pictures were taken from this website) for a little bit over 250,000 euros.

It’s not very clear why it was called “Casa Vizcaya” (Vizcaya house), though the name is very clear in Manuela Sainz Ferrer’s will and probably referred to the old house. The architect, Eloy Martínez del Valle, built more houses for the Sainz de Rozas and belonged to the Martínez Gozález family. It’s one of the first houses he built. It has an under the floor space which used to be the place where charcoal was kept and is currently used as a wine warehouse. The ceilings at the entrance are also amazing. The heating was manufactured by Zubiaurre in Bilbao and is quite well maintained.

Casa Vizcaya
Casa Vizcaya

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