Udal Euskaltegia – Barakaldo

This building was built in a clear neo-basque style, which was very common in the Basque Country in the first half of the 20th Century. Architect Julio Sáenz de Bares designed it in 1932 for Basque radical nationalist party ANV (Acción Nacionalista Vasca) and the building was taken away from it after Civil War, just a few years later. After 1980, it became a local school where Basque is taught as a second language, an “euskaltegia”. “Udal” means that it’s owned by the local council. The interior has been recenty redecorated by local artists.

Interesting things are:
– The small tower in the middle, very typical of neo-basque buildings.
– The balconies with a wooden ceiling in first floor.
– The shield for families under the tower, also very common of neo-basque buildings.
– The neo-baroque balconies of the second floor.

Where? Bizkaia, 2, Barakaldo

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