The unresolved case of catman in Biarritz, France

It is said that crazy things happen to crazy people. Well, crazy things keep happening to me all the time so it might be true. Some proof?

So it was a lovely starry winter night in Biarritz. Having spent a wonderful day in San Sebastian, my boyfriend and I just arrived at the village filled with his memories of summer camps. Charmed by his stories of everything that happened there when he and his brothers were little kids, it made me believe it was more than an amazing French place to spend a weekend. Although it was late in the afternoon, I was already planning the next day: long walks on the beach, visiting the castles on the cliffs. Excited with the idea I felt like having a short walk through the main streets of Biarritz.



Admiring the village by night I heard a kitty meowing. Not being able to figure out where the noise was coming from I started looking around for the kitty. The more I looked, the louder the meowing was. Frightened because of the meowing I could imagine the poor animal being hurt, injured or….giving birth. I was desperately trying to find her (well, or him) and help them out. Not wanting to seem rude, my boyfriend suggested leaving the fricking cat alone and finding our way back to the hotel. I politely refused, we had just started dating back then so I really didn’t want to tell him off for how awful human being he was if he wanted to leave the dying kitty alone on a cold dark winter night. Not having another choice than searching with me for the animal, he politely acceded.

After two minutes I finally figured out where the noise was coming from. Having spotted a little bush on the other side of the street, I headed there hoping to find a tiny weeny kitten. Getting closer to the spot I felt a pair of eyes staring at me. I looked back, not knowing what I was staring at. Suddenly I was the source of the noise. A middle age man was hiding in the bush, meowing his head off. His face was painted as if he were a cat. His eyes were big and dark. From what I could see, he was wearing some kind of furry jacket. Like the old ladies use to put on when it’s really cold outside. Realizing what had just happened I screamed as loud as I could and backed away. My heart was close to jumping out of my chest. I was as scared as if I was 10 again and realized I had forgotten to do my homework just the minute before the class started.

catman 2
I had no time to take a good look on the catman but it’s how he probably looked like (source)

Once I was at a secure distance from the crazy catman I felt cautious and glanced one more time at the bush. There were bowls half full of milk and cat food everywhere. And just then my eyes and his met. That scared the hell out of me and I ran! I ran for my life!

Feeling cautious, I asked a few people what the deal was with the catman, but nobody could give me an answer. So it’s a big unresolved case of a cat man in Biarritz.


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