Surviving as a vegan in Cantabria, Spain


Spain may be a pork lover’s paradise. But eating out for vegans might be a nightmare!

If you are a tourist in Spain and go a “traditional” tavern, the only #vegan dish you might be offered is a salad, which basically is lettuce with 4 slices of tomatoes and a couple of olives. If you’re lucky, they might add some onion slices (and loads of bread on a side).


Vegan only choice in Spain 


I am so glad that many restaurants across the country are starting to offer #veganoptions in their menu.

Today I had the best dish of grilled veggies in my entire life (and I must admit, I’ve had MANY bad grilled vegetable dishes in the past years!). So, not only was it a huge serving of various vegetables but also it was properly grilled. I know you might be puzzled…but in Spain, everything is grilled with an ABUNDANT amount of oil what makes the grilled veggies spongy and fluffy. Not “grilled” at all. But the ones we got at Brasserie Turcanu was a delicacy.


Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 15.13.46
See these tiny mushrooms? I mean, how cuty are they?!

As a base, the chef served tomatoes & red paprika pesto with firm but crunchy cauliflower and broccoli. Some tender and rich with “foresty” flavor baby “penny bun” mushrooms served on slices of little red tomatoes with oil of olive. On each side of the plate, a few Canarian grilled potatoes were served with slices of local zucchini.

But what killed me with love was the sweet grilled corn! I was never a big fun or corn. I just couldn’t feel its flavor. But the grilled sweet corn at Brasserie Turcanu felt right. It tasted like popcorn and Mexican tortillas but with a gentle flavor of Spanish woodstove.

I just loved that simple, but tasty dish!

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