Snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea, Coral Islands of Rosario

I always try not to follow the tourist mob or visit every place from the city guide book. I enjoy discovering new places by wandering around, mingling with locals or following their habits. But sometimes I can’t stop myself and I break the rules and do an entertaining activity for tourists. That’s how I got roped into snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea in Colombia.


One thing you have to know about Colombians is that they know how to trick you into spending money. And more money. And…. a little bit more. Oh, and don’t forget to tip them as well.

So we were having a lovely paid tour of the Coral Islands of Rosario (Caribbean Sea). It would be difficult for me to explain, using only words, how marvelous it was . Imagine heaven in exotic style, hot crystal clear water and white sandy beaches, a Latino Saint Peter serving you Coco Loco and fresh ceviche, a clear blue sky above you… So it was even better! Here’s a proof:

playa de rosario




When we all were charmed by the lovely view, we were suggested to try snorkeling in the sea. Of course that was an extra paid activity (not too expensive, about 4$). We were supposed to see loads of colorful fishes and reefs while snorkeling. The whole activity was arranged by the locals. They fed the fishes so they would come closer. I know it was a typical tourist attraction, prepared only to make us spend more money. I was aware of that. But still, I enjoyed the beautiful view of colorful fishes in so many shapes. I could almost touch them! Well, I tried but they were too fast and actually didn’t seem to enjoy it as much as I did.




The essentials of snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea:

Recommended: Yes. If you have never done it before, you’ll love it. I have to admit, I really enjoy the activity. It was an amazing feeling to see the underwater world.
Where to snorkel: If you book a trip to the Coral Island of Rosario you will be offered to snorkel by the local guide.
Price: about 4$. If you take your own diving goggles and snorkeling set, you won’t have to pay.
– take your own snorkeling set! The ones they offer are very used, stinky and pretty disgusting. It took me a longer while to decide whether or not I was going to put the gross mouthpiece in my mouth. Eventually I did but it didn’t feel good…
– avoid sunburning. Before jumping into the sea remember to cover your entire body with sunblock. Especially your back. While snorkeling your back is expose to sun and the Caribbean sun shines pretty hard so it’s very easy to get burnt.


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