Rum-Fruta-Boooom, Puerto Rican killer cocktail!

The other day I was invited to one of these cute travel posh spots to get drunk. I know, I know my life is just disgustingly hard! Anyway, the place was a modern travel agency of 21st century. Pretty stunning! It looked pretty much like a Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, but with fancier design and good air conditioner (very important when it’s 40º C degree outside).


People from Puerto Rico chatted with us about their exotic but still kind of touristically virgin country (you all know Puerto Rico is United States territory, right?)  and offered to try their rum (oh boy do I  love rum!).



Puerto Rico,Pangea
Actually, HE offered and prepared us the orgasmic cocktail. Anybody knows if he’s free and available to marry me? An answer, please? Well yes, I love rum based cocktails, get over it! 


If you guys didn’t know, the Puerto Rican nation is proud of two things: their rum and THEIR RUM. They made it pretty clear and offered us a rum based cocktail.


It was cute, pinky and kind of fruity so I thought, pheeeew Natalia, you can have a bunch of these and you won’t feel even a bit dizzy at all.


Well I was wrong.


I had one. And with approx. 200 ml (drunk person counting) of this delicious piece of Caribbean heaven I got drunk, drunk, drunk.


But happy drunk!


Caribbean-exotic-kind of drunk.


I felt like dancing salsa and eating some arroz y haichuelas (yes, that is exactly what Mark Anthony and Gente de Zona are singing about in La Gozadera) or mofongo.
Since the cocktail was nameless I called it Rum-Fruta-Boooooom. Cute, right! And you Spanish-English bilingual guys see my pun here, right?


Getting back to THE COCKTAIL!


puerto rico, pangea, DonQ
Yes, I noticed the picture is crooked and kind of up-side-down. Or isn’t it? Hard to say, I must have been already in the “Puerto Rican Rum Happy Zone”! 



So, you take some Puerto Rican rum, mixed it with fruit juice (fruta in Spanish, in this case it was guava juice) and your head goes BOOOOOM!


Booooom, you feel exotically dizzy in a fun & nice way.


Booom you wanna crazy salsa dance to Latin music (since the time seems right, I am publicly confessing: I, The Tripventurist do enjoy dancing salsa and bachata, reggaeton, samba and other zumba-related dances in my gym for now. But I do plan on taking it to another level and “performing” in a disco).


And booom you want another of this magical cocktails. Booom, you wanna go to Puerto Rico! Oh sorry, I want to go to Puerto Rico 😀 Yes, I might be still a bit drunk as we just made the cocktails in my place with friends!


You guys want to try feeling Rum-Fruta-Booom, feeling the Puerto Rican energy?


Here is the recipe of the Rum-Fruta-Boom! 


  – 45ml Puerto Rican Rum
  – 15ml Lime juice
 – 15 ml sugar syrup
 – 100 ml guava (guayaba in Spanish) juice
 – 10 ml red vermouth


Just mix everything in a large glass, add some crushed ice cubes and shake it, shake it good! Then, drink it. Drink it good!


And go Rum-Fruta-Booom!


And you’re welcome!
Note: yes, yes, and yes. The cocktail I was server was free of charged! Uuppsss….

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