Ovos moles of Aveiro, Portugal.

How the Portugues village of Aveiro tastes like? Like sugar, honey and suggary yolk.


Aveiro is well know not only for being the Portugues Venice, but also for inventing one of the greatest sweet treaks of all times – Ovos Moles de Aveiro, Portuguese egg yolk sweets!
The smooth texture and sweet flavor of the yolk in the crunchy shell makes for quite an enjoyable treat.

Ovos moles Aveiro portugal
Suggary, yolky goodies! 

Ovos moles are sweets, originating in the convents, made of egg yolks and sugar, wrapped in a thin wheat crust (the same dough used for “Hosts” in Catholic Masses). The sweets are molded into shapes symbolic of the Aveiro region, such as clams, mussels, fish, crabs, barrels, sea buoy, sardines and walnuts.


Ovos moles Aveiro portugal

Legend has it that ovos moles came about by a nun with a sweet-tooth at the Convent of Jesus. She was being forced to fast by her Mother Superior for committing the sin of gluttony. Disobeying the order, she grabbed the only ingredients in the kitchen, eggs and sugar, and began to concoct something tasty. Fearful of being caught, she hid the mixture inside the batter used to create the Hosts. The next day, after the ingredients had set, the nuns discovered the confection and deemed it so perfect, it could only be a miracle from God.

Where to get these goodies, there is still one place in Aveiro where they continues producing ovos moles with the original recipe since 1882, in a traditional kitchen with traditional copper pots and utensils. The place is run by Mrs Silvina Raimundo.
If you’re in Aveiro, do not forgt to give them a try! The taste may surprise you!



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