Irish coffee – the best dessert ever!

The Irish people know how to cheer you with a few simple ingredients: black coffee, white sugar, booze, and cream. 

Yes….I am talking about the one and only Irish coffee!!! A piece of heaven in your mouth, perfect for a cold winter evening! 

Never heard of Irish coffee? Well, my dear, it is a cocktail consisting of hot coffee, Irish whiskey, sugar, and topped with whipped cream. Sounds yummy, right? 

Irish coffee
Booze & coffee & cream -> perfection

How to prepare it? It’s easy peasy! 

Take Irish whiskey and at least one level teaspoon of sugar are poured over black coffee and stirred in until fully dissolved. Then, thick cream is carefully poured over the back of a spoon initially held just above the surface of the coffee and gradually raised a little until the entire layer is floated. 

And sprinkle it with some chocolate sprinkles. 

And voila!

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