Introducing “Must-try” – Carolinas

If you live in Spain longer than 6 months, it’s very likely you’ll put on some weight. It’s not something you should be ashamed of! It only proves that Spain has an irresistible food, desserts, pintxos and tapas. And everybody should understand that there isn’t a better way to get to know Spain than by trying the most amazing and surprisingly mouthwatering food. And that’s what I have been doing for the last 6 years, eating my way around the country (and putting on a few pounds).

So I am introducing my latest blog scheme…Must-try! I am going to blog weekly with a new tapa, pintxo, vine, beverage, snack, dish among others, to share with you the most delicious Spanish food and beverages.

P.S: I have a huge sweet tooth so expect many cakes/cookies related posts. And that’s why I am going to start with a Basque cream cake called carolina.

Carolina is a tiny cupcake with a huge amount of meringue (sometimes mixed with a little amount of yogurt). The base (cupcake) is made of crunchy puff pastry and it’s approximately 5 centimeters (2 inches) tall. The meringue is put on the top and adorned with dark chocolate and it melts in your mouth!

Yes, I ate them all. Don't judge me.
Yes, I ate them all. Don’t judge me.

I was surprised with this lovely little cake during my last trip to Bilbao. My boyfriend was nice enough to get up early, go to Pasteleria Martina Zuricalday and get me some carolinas. Apparently it’s one of the most popular and well known dessert in Bilbao. Not only is it nice on the eye, but also it has a lovely history behind. According to a legend, the dessert was created more than 50 years ago by a confectioner from Bilbao. The man had a little daughter named Carolina. One day when the little girl was sick in bed, her dad cheered her up with a new goody he had made especially for her. The girl loved it so much that the confectioner decided to name his latest “invent” by her name and started selling it in his cake shop. And it was a huge success! Carolinas became a part of every tea party, every afternoon meeting, and every family event. It’s a must-eat when you’re in Bilbao.



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