I have a dirty, dirty secret…

It’s fine if you haven’t noticed yet but I assure you I am a well mannered, sensible girl with a masters degree. I speak 3 languages and some people find me intelligent, funny and even smart. I wasn’t gifted with any particular talent however I can enjoy art, good books, classical music. I am able to hold a conversations about politics, environment, external affairs or the current biggest problems in the world. Despite all my inner charm I have a dirty dirty, filthy secret… I listen to pop music….and I listen the crap out of it! There, I said it! I hate it and I like it and then I hate myself but I still like it…..all of them: Rihanna, David Guetta, Adele, LMFAO, Shakira, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna, Pitbull, Don Omar, Kesha, Lada Del Rey  and a few more whose names I will not disclosed in this blog post in order not to lose your interest in me.

It’s not that I don’t have any taste in music (well, maybe I don’t), I just like the tuneful, catchy songs with meaningless lyrics, half naked Latino girls and handsome boys performing awesome dances (the kind of dances I won’t be able to do) and twerking in the clips! The worst is that you listen them once and suddenly you know the lyrics by hart. And they stick in your head forever. You can’t get rid of them. And that is not all, there is a darker side of my secret… I also enjoy the concerts. I happened to go to a few concerts and I loved them all. The feeling of being able to sing all the songs out loud and not being judged by others is amazing! The worst part is that I was dragging my former boyfriend down with me. And yes, there is nothing better than listening to simple and meaningless lyrics while waiting for a delayed flight or while stuck in a huge traffic jam.

Rihanna in Bilbao
I know… I know, you can barely spot Rihanna on this photo. Sorry it’s so blurry. My hands were shaking with excitement.

I am not stupid, I know I am an easy target for music marketers, like a puppet in their hands. If they want me to love the new Rihanna’s song and buy some cloths from River Island designed by her, I most probably will do. Don’t judge me. That’s my thing. So let it go.

My Dad is having hard time accepting this defect of mine. He is a sophisticated music listener, a true fun of great bands and musicians. He’s into rock, blues, indie music, jazz, bossa nova, even some heavy metal tunes. I am starting to think I may be out of his will.



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