How to handle rude aircrew

Rude aircrew. Sounds very unlikely, doesn’t it? The fly attendants are usually freakishly nice, unnaturally smiling to all redneck passengers. You know that the exception proves the rule, right? And the exception happened to me. But don’t worry, God rewarded me with a sweet brand new suitcase. Well, actually Lufthansa did. How so?

Let me fill you in, I was flying from Warsaw to Frankfurt, and there I had to transfer to a flight to Madrid. The first flight was slightly delayed so I started to be worried as I was going to have only 30 minutes to catch the connecting flight in Frankfurt. I thought I might lose it so I kindly asked the fly attendant whether or not we were going to experience an arrival delay and what would happened if I lost my connecting flight. A normal (freaked out) passenger’s question, right? The lady had a nerve to tell me that it would be my fault as I should have anticipated it and booked a later flight from Frankfurt. For a record, I didn’t buy two separated flights. I bought a package so I actually couldn’t choose a later flight.  And she also announced, with an ironic smile, that if I lost the flight, I would have to pay for the further flight myself. I was shocked and pretty sure she wasn’t telling me the truth. And ever since I heard the answer all I could see was me losing the connecting flight and paying 500€ for another one.
What I needed was somebody calming me down and telling me that everything would be fine and there was nothing to be worried about (even if it wasn’t true). In this situation I had two options:

  1. Go a little coo coo, tell her off and freaked out.
  2. Zip my lip and start plotting a sweet revenge.

I opted for the latter. Once in Madrid (no delays or lost flights by the way) I wrote an angry complaining letter to Lufthansa giving all the details they’d need to track the rude lady down. I just wanted them to know how their passengers are treated.

What was my surprise when they called me the very next day. Turns out the rude lady was wrong about what would have happened if I actually had lost the connecting flight – Lufthansa would have to put me in another flight the very same day (with no additional cost for me). Here’s the best part: they asked me for apologies and offered a free gift – a brand new cabin bag. Suck it rude lady!

A sweet “we’re sorry” gift from Lufthansa

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