The Spanish way of “Hadaka no tsukiai”. Nudity coves in Murcia.

I would have never thought that Spain could change me THAT much. And even in much more ways than I am keen to acknowledge. We’ll talk about it one day (or if I get drunk, or binge eat two bags of Brownie Batter Oreo getting myself on a sugar high, and then accidently and shamelessly make a public post).

Today kids, let’s focus on nudity only, shall we?

I have visited quite a few nude beaches while traveling around the Spanish Coast. No, I have never sunbathed naked. I was only passing by randomly. Yes, I really was! I am not a sick crazy woman enjoying a view of naked people lying on floral towels.

For those of you who don’t know, nude beaches are pretty normal in Spain and you can find them easily across the coast without even purposely looking for any.


Bahía de Mazarrón, Murcia
Isn’t  the coast of Murcia just perfect? 


So to give you an estimate, if you take a 10 km hike through any coastal region you most probably will stumble over at least 3 or 4 cozy nude coves.

I was astonished the first time I came across naked people while wandering through the seashore.

For starters, I thought it was TOTALLY illegal and I was amazed that people have the guts to strip off in a public place and let others look at their butts. What? I was raised in a conservative & catholic eastern European country! Talking about nudity (and pretty much anything else related to a human body and its needs) was taboo. Even a change of clothes in a locker room would involve an advanced level of logistics so NOBODY could see a part of our tiny Polish boobs, fat ass, not even an ankle!

When I was a kid I thought my parents won me on a lottery but they denied that and explained I was brought to them by storks. I was also taught farting was illegal. Life can’t be easily explained, so why should these theories….

Then I came to Spain.

I experienced a cultural shock. And for reasons that totally escape me, I could get naked while changing clothes in swimming pools locker rooms. And nobody would even glimpse at me nor giving me that what a whore look. Finally, I could put my lotion on and let my skin absorb it slowly and get hydrated before jumping into my clothes. And it was awesome. Liberating and natural. Not to mention, comfortable!

With every swimming pool visit, and every randomly met nudist on the Spanish coast, I was finally getting rid of my uptight bringing. I was becoming more Spaniard and less guiri. I was evolving nudity-wise, right?! Buuut, it might have gotten too far. I might have become a shameless hybrid. A mix of guiri and Iberian gal. Why?  Ever since I visited the nudity coves of Mazarrón in Murcia this month, all I can think about is becoming a nudist and living a hippie life in a RV on a deserted beach.

Just like this guy: 


Nude beach, Mazarron Murcia
That’s what paradise looks like to me! 


Just taking another look on the photo gives me butterflies!


Nude beach, Mazarron Murcia
I am totally following his lead in the future! 


So why, would I like to do it, you may wonder? Why would I want to live like a posh Tarzan?

For starters, take another look at the photo! If it still doesn’t appeal to you, then just off the top of my head:

  1. Look at the view! I mean hot sand on a breezy, tiny beach surrounded by rocky coast. It gives me pretty positive goose-bumps!
  2. The RV is actually bigger than my apartment! And the guy owns a proper dining table, which I don’t. Instead, I own one of these hipstery tiny expandable/drop-leaf tables by IKEA. (Note: if there are more than 3 of us trying to have dinner at my place, things gets tricky).
  3. The guy seems to enjoy every meal outside, on the beach every day! It’s like a never ending picnic! A paradise, one might say!
  4. There is a kayak and a surfboard next to the RV. I would never ever get bored if I had a kayak and a surfboard and live 2 feet from the sea!
  5. The photo is a bit blurry, but he is hanging out around his house naked!! It not only looks comfy but also, looks like doing laundry once every month (or almost never)? That would work for me!
  6. I zoomed into his face and he looked so damn happy and relaxed in there. I have never felt that happy and relaxed! I wanna try being that happy!!!
  7. You can choose with who you want to be there. No risk of dealing with unwanted friends or random strangers.
  8. I could do more yoga and write more and stress less about deadlines.

I believe if he has the money to own such a lovely RV and he has time to live freely wherever the hell he wants to, and for how long he wants to, he might have gained solid money beforehand. I wouldn’t mind that either.

But once I do become filthy rich, I wanna be like him!


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