Fundación Goicochea Isusi

IMG_20180416_093258 by . This building was built in 1926 by Basque architect Secundino Zuazo to host disabled people with work related injuries, with the support of Infant Isabel de Borbón and funds from a foundation in the name of Ramona Goicoechea e Isusi, wife of one of the richest persons of Madrid at the time, Baldomero Murga Michelena. The building existed before as a hotel but was completely refurbished and nowadays is probably the oldest in the street.

The foundation was later moved to Oña (Burgos) and the building was abandoned and later occupied by young people for a short period of time. Part of the land was sold to real estate companies that built houses around, but the building stays there, though does not look good any more. Its owners, the Murga family was one of the wealthiest in Spain at that time, together with the Urquijo, who also came from the same area of the Basque Country, Ayala. Their richness came from buying real estate, selling and buying goods from Cuba and financing the construction of railways in Spain.

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