Foodporn: hot wakame salad & Peruvian ceviche

When you are exposed to new culture and find yourself mingling with people from countries you had never heard of in your life, consider it a benefit. Or at least my taste buds have been very pleased! Why? Because food is my love! The more orgasmic it is, the better! And what’s the best way to ensure orgasm through food? Make it yourself, from scratch!

Making a Peruvian ceviche is not a piece of cake. It takes like forever to get everything perfectly done according to the original recipe (not to mention grocery shopping for the RIGHT fish & other exotic ingredients). Even so I I took the ceviche to another level today, because I am a foodie (yes, it includes posting food photos on Instagram and hashtagging #foodporn as well). I made a fusion of original Peruvian ceviche & Asian wakame seaweed spicy salad.

In case you were wondering, yes that is my original recipe! The idea just popped into my head one day and I executed it!

I may understand that my Peruvian friends might be getting a stroke only from thinking about this recipe. And my Asian friends might be wondering why I would be making ceviche if I could make sashimi instead. Right?

You see, I grew up in a post communist country where I used to eat too much bread, sausages and potatoes (in many, many different ways) when I was  kid. Our greatest life hack was discovering ketchup so you could add some American flavor to the potato based dishes!

I would like to highlight that I had my first pack of Pringles when I was 12 or 14 (and only because it was a New Year’s Eve treat of my father’s. I remember spending at least 2 hours begging him to buy me a pack of Pringles at the grocery store).  Back then, a bag of Pringles costed more or less as much as 1 kilo of good Swiss cheese. So that was probably why my father was so reluctant to buy it, and why my mother almost had  a heart attack when she saw me coming back from grocery shopping with a bag of American potato chips. And actually, that was the last time my father was in charge of grocery shopping.  

Now, don’t flip out, I never had Nutella when I was a kid. I was only treated with homemade strawberry marmelade for an afternoon sandwich. And you know what, when I tried peanut butter for the first time I devoured the WHOLE jar by myself! I know….shame on me!

Enough with the background. I believe now it’s clear enough why I like experimenting with food, right? So back to the wakame ceviche fusion recipe.


For the ceviche:
 –  300 g of fresh fish. According to the original recipe I should use corvina or perch. But they were out of them in my local fish store and I was too lazy to walk to another store. So I just used sea bass (which is a good choice).
 – chopped spring onions and fresh cilantro and 3 chopped chilli peppers (fresh are better)
 – juice of 3 limes
 – freshly ground black pepper
 – salt

 For wakame salad:
– cup of dried wakame seaweed
 – lime juice
 – fresh chilli peppers
 – chopped fresh cucumber and 1 spring onion
wakame seaweed salad by Tripventurist
The wakame seaweed salad – mission accomplished 



 1. Cut the fish into tiny pieces.
 2. Mix all your ingredients for the ceviche (but not the fish) in a big bowl.
 3.Leave the mixture for 10 minutes and then add your fish in it. Leave it in the fridge for at least 15-20 minutes.
 4.Put your wakame seaweed in boiled water with juice of 1 lime for about 3 minutes. Leave them to grow and hydrate.
 5.Once the wakame seaweed look like ugly grass, take them out and dry with a kitchen paper.
 6.Put your wakame in a big bowl and add the rest of ingredients.
 7.Take the ceviche out of the fridge and arrange them nicely above the algas.


peruvian ceviche and wakame seaweed salad fusion
Feel free to say “you’re better than Jamie Oliver, Natalia! 😀 


Side notes:

 – don’t you dare substitute limes with lemons. It is like substituting red wine with cranberry juice. Or chocolate cookies with a piece of fruit.

And that is it! Easy peasy, right? Hot and yummy!



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