The Indianos’ Palace of Etxebarria

Etxebarria is a tiny town near Markina, 40 kms. away from Bilbao. You would not expect to find a palace in a place like this. But there is one and it’s called “el palacio”, or “the palace”. It was built, in eclectic style, at the beginning of the XXth Century by Miguel Arrizabalaga Astarloa, a local adventurer who travelled to Argentina to make some money. And eventually he succeeded, became rich and built this palace in his country of origin, as other “indianos”, in order to show off his money.

“Indianos” where Spaniards who, mainly from the northern coast where life was harder because of the lack of agriculture, migrated to Latin America (“the Indians”) at the end of the XIXth century searching a better future and finally came back, as rich men, to Spain.

The house was sold several times by his inheritors and the last buyer was a famous player of pelota, Julián Ibarlucea “Tarzan”, who used it as a summer house. His children have recently divided the palace into three different houses where they still live, though it is unfortunately quite destroyed.


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