El Chilango Mexican Restaurant, Madrid

I really don’t want to brag, but I have been know as a Mexican food lover for quite some time now. Well ok, freak might better describe my love of Mexican cuisine. And mind you, I am also known as kind of a good cook of Mexican dishes.

So every time I am recommended a great Mexican place, I can’t help but try. Actually, that is how I found most of my favourite Mexican spots in Madrid.

So when I was told in cap locks YOU HAVE TO TRY “EL CHILANGO” RESTAURANT, I was not able to deal with this kind of a cliffhanger and I ran there immediately. I was so excited that  history might just be in the making and that I might find a new favourite Mexican spot in Madrid. The excitement made me feel like spreading the good news to the world and bragging to my girlfriends to come with me (after having assured them that an orgasmic food experience would happen there!) so we could all enjoy the (supposedly) marvelous food.  

El Chilango Madrid
           Me on my way to El Chilango.

The restaurant is situated in one of the best zones for going out and having fun (the Spanish way), Malasaña, which made me believe even more that the place was worth a try. Not to mention the closeness to other cute bars and taverns mobbed with already drunk male Spaniards that could guarantee fair entertainment on Friday night.

Oh yes, apparently we’re that shallow… three gals, in their early thirties, wasting our time, money and health (you know, our liver work double shift on weekends) on booze, food and taxis.

I  got us a reservation so we didn’t have to wait for a table (which apparently is pretty common in El Chilango Restaurant). The place is nothing like others viva Mexico, cabrones themed places I have eaten in, which gave me a good vibes because:

  1. I do love Mexico, cabrones! But come on, I do not always feel like enjoying Mariachi music while eating nachos! I can do both things separately and it won’t make any of them less cool.
  2. I thought, maybe we’ll get a nice, new posh fusion Mexican dishes here!

I couldn’t be more wrong:

  1. There was no Mexican music. Actually there was no music at all. Instead, we get up-to-date with all the guests’ life stories (yea, well….we eavesdropped a bit!)
  2. Au contraire! Oh God. Where should I begin!  

We all got different types of tacos. Unfortunately the meat in each dish was so dry and so hard, that we spent a long part of our evening chewing in silence. My Tacos al Pastor had no cilantro, or lime juice.  The pineapple that should go in my tacos was a sad flavourless core of the fruit. Which I happen to know is still edible. But not in a dish for 16EUR!! Come on!

We were also lucky enough to get a chilled yesterday’s guacamole. It was not freshly prepared, that is for sure. Instead it was served directly from a fridge, where it had stayed for at least 2 days. That is one hundred percent sure! Light grey colour and bitterness don’t define a good guacamole.

But let’s not get picky, shall we. The spicy aguachile which traditionally is made of shrimp, chilli peppers, fresh onions and cucumber submerged in lime juice that I ordered as appetizer was pretty good. It was actually my first time trying aguachile so that’s a score for El Chilango Restaurant.

You know, I am quite done with Mexican restaurants outside Mexico for the time being. The only way to “heal” my love for the Mexican cuisine might be by going there in person and stuffing myself with THE REAL food. Or marry to a great Mexican chef that would allow me to live in his restaurant’s kitchen. I believe my boo wouldn’t be pleased with that option, so I will go with the former option ASAP. And a trip to Mexico actually sounds like fun!

So thanks for your recommending El Chilango Restaurant, John!

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