Castellana 81 Building (former Bank of Bilbao tower)

castellana 81This building has 28 floors and is 107 meters high. It was built for Banco de Bilbao (Bank of Bilbao) by architect Javier Sáenz de Oiza in 1978 and later hosted the headquarters of BBV and BBVA until this bank moved to a new head office in Northern Madrid. It’s now being leased to other companies and counts on 38,000 square meters. It was one of the first towers in the Azca business district, which was promoted by real estate firm Metrovacesa, which at that time belonged to Bank of Bilbao.

Some images of the building and of its interior:
IMG_20171001_101409 by .

IMG_20171001_103414 by .

IMG_20171001_103402 by .

IMG_20171001_102351 by .

IMG_20171001_102333 by .

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