Little Iguazú in Northern Spain: Cascade of El Tobazo

This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in Spain. It’s a cascade that looks like a volcano from which water comes out from all sides, together with plants, rocks and plenty of light (and colors from the sun), which give it a very tropical look. We saw it from the distance and very rapidly wanted to get closer. We were actually pretty lucky, as it only has so much water a few times during spring.

Its name, El Tobazo, comes from the type of highly porous rocks in which it has developed, tufa limestone, or “toba” in Spanish. Plants, specially moss, take all the CO2 from water and the left limestone grows together with all this greenery. In this area there is tufa everywhere but not as wet as here. You can walk all the way to El Tobazo from Villaescusa de Ebro (3 kms.).

El Tobazo

El Tobazo


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