Casa Lucio, the emblematic restaurant of Madrid.

The weather in Spain has been hell since January. We’ve been lucky enough to feel real Siberian freezing cold, snow and extremely strong wind all over the country. In a nutshell, there is no kind-of-warm place in Spain where you can go for the weekend and be sure it will be sunny and at least 15 degrees Celsius in February.

Everyone is hibernating under warm blankets, binge-watching Netflix, or hibernating in cosy taverns, binge-drinking gin and tonic to warm their bodies.

The time is perfect to explore as close to home as possible, so you don’t need to walk too much (and freeze to death). And you know what? After spending 6 years in the same neighbourhood, this might be tricky! At this point I know by heart the menus of every single hipster bar, vegan friendly restaurant, Mexican taco place, and tavern in La Latina. I’m quite sure they have a nickname for me already!

But you guys, my foot had never stepped into Casa Lucio until last Sunday.

Casa Lucio is one of the most emblematic Spanish taverns in Madrid’s downtown. Not only is it known for its world famous and unique “huevos estrellados”, it’s also a meeting point for Spanish and foreign celebrities and politicians. Not to mention, it’s our king’s favorite spot to eat! “Huevos estrellados” is a typical Spanish dish consisting of fried eggs with the yolk broken after cooking and fried potatoes). 


Casa Lucio
   Spanish ham & a lot of liquor = typical Sunday afternoon in La Latina neighbourhood, Madrid. The photo is blurry because I was excited so excited of being there. And not drunk! I generally don’t get drunk at 1.30 pm. 



Who has dined there? Well, off the top of my head: Bill Clinton, Margaret Thatcher, Will Smith, Pierce Brosnan, Eva Longoria, Nelson Mandela,Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Cruise among others. You need to be somebody to book a table there.



Casa Lucio
              That’s how a 150 year old Spanish tavern looks like. Cool, right?


To be totally honest with you guys, I have never been a huge fan of scrambled eggs or French fries. For me they’re hangover food. Both are perfect when you wake up at 2pm after a long, long night out, having drunk too many gin & tonics, and still not quite sure whether you’re hungover or still drunk. That’s the perfect time to eat “huevos estrellados”. 

Anyway, I’ve heard and read thousands of stories about Casa Lucio’s delicious “huevos estrellados”, which are basically fried eggs with homemade French fries. That’s it – just potatoes and eggs. So I figured, there must be a well-kept secret recipe. Something special that makes the dish so unforgettable.

When you hear so much about a theoretically amazing place, you finally decide to give it a try, right?

We tried a couple of times to get in, but without luck. So we gave up on Casa Lucio for a while. Until last Sunday: last Sunday we finally got to try their famous fried eggs.

I know what you’re thinking…

“Well the Tripventurist must be somebody if she got in to Casa Lucia on a Sunday!”.

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong – I am nobody!

But we are lucky enough to know Juan – one of the chefs in Casa Lucio. And not only did he invite us to check out the inside of its famous kitchen, he also prepared (and let us shoot on video) the most amazing fried eggs with French fries I have ever had.



And by the way, there is no secret: fried potatoes, organic eggs from Segovia and that’s it.


casa Lucio, huevos estrellados
                               What’s better than a multiple orgasm? THIS, you fool! 



And most importantly, Juan helped me discover that I am actually an egg person (I have spent the last 10 years of my life hating eggs for no apparent reason). But after last Sunday, I love them!

Also, the 100-year-old owner of the place – Spanish celebrity Lucio – came into the restaurant and smiled at me, just as I’d stuffed a huge amount of eggs in my mouth. I would have said, “hola” but didn’t want to spit any eggs at him. So I just shyly waved and blushed.

So I’ll leave you with Casa Lucio’s famous recipe for “huevos estrellados”. Then I’ll go prepare some for myself.

  1.     Put firewood in your wood-fired oven (this might take at least an hour).
  2.     Cut organic potatoes into strips and then deep-fry them.
  3.     Fry 3 organic eggs in a separate frying pan.
  4.     Put the potatoes on a large plate and cover with the recently fried eggs.
  5.     Season with salt.
  6.     Voila, you’ve got yourself a 12 euro dish. Enjoy with a glass of cold beer!


Casa Lucio
What? You’re saying you don’t own a wood-fired oven? Oh right, so THAT IS THE SECRET, then!! Shoot!





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