Bolivar House

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Casa Bolivar is one of the few purely modernist buildings of Bilbao and it’s in the middle of nowhere, in Olabeaga, a neighbourhood which used to be called “Noruega” (Norway), as it was the port area in which cod was landed from the ships coming from this country. It’s not clear, anyway, why this rich family decided to build their 3 story house in this area back in 1903.

Eduvigio Bolivar e Icaza, the owner of the house, was a businessman who traded with garments and also owned coal mines. He probably owned business in this area and wanted to live nearby, but this is not clear.

The architect was Luis Basterra Casas, who had studied in Madrid and was inspired by the Center-European modernist trends. Unfortunately, some of the original signs of the house have been destroyed and one floor was added not respecting the style.

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