My name is Natalia and this is my travel blog. Why you may ask? Well, 8 years of studying, working, living, wandering, having fun in a foreign country (Spain) and traveling all over the world for pleasure made me eager to discover new places around the globe.

Everything began more then eight years ago when I got a student scholarship to study in Madrid. And my adventures in Spain haven’t stopped since then. They actually extended to other parts of the world. Follow my blog-adventures as I am sharing my experiences, commenting on food and places, giving pretty useful travel advice.

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The beauty of travel is also connecting with other crazy, hooked on travelling weirdos. People who love stepping out from their comfort and cultural zones. The ones who get way too happy about food served on planes (and I don’t mean first class kind of meal. I mean the leftover we all get while booking a cheap flight) and who claim their favorite food of all times is McDonald´s. I was lucky enough to meet one of them, an architecture and modern design nerd, an experienced and well reputed Spanish blogger. And this self-made expert in building designs all over the world wants to spread his knowledge on The Tripventurist. So stay tuned!

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