A quick guide to Spanish coffee

Spanish #coffee is delicious and varied.

But for a non-Spaniard, it might take some time to get used to the ritual of ordering it. 

You should know that Spanish coffee is roasted and blended in a very unique way. It is not only a drink, actually, but it’s a way to relax and celebrate life. People would have “un cafe” to escape from their daily problems and have a conversation with others.
As I said, there are many ways to serve a coffee. And I will walk you through them, don’t worry! 

Café Solo – espresso.
Café Doble – double espresso.
Café con Leche – coffee with milk, usually half and half proportionally, but it depends on the region.
Café Cortado – espresso with a dash of milk.
Café con Hielo – espresso with ice.
Carajillo – espresso with a drop of brandy, whiskey, or rum.
Trifásico – Carajillo with a bit of milk, a Catalan specialty.
Café Bombón – Café Solo with condensed sweet milk.
Café Manchado – a glass of milk flavored with a bit of coffee.
Café Americano – large black coffee or – Café Solo with more water added

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My Spanish morning routine!

My favorite? A no-frills black coffee with hot milk (vegan) served in a beer glass. Why in a beer glass? And why not? That is one of the Spanish traditions that I love! 

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