Rum-Fruta-Boooom, Puerto Rican killer cocktail!

The other day I was invited to one of these cute travel posh spots to get drunk. I know, I know my life is just disgustingly hard! Anyway, the place was a modern travel agency of 21st century. Pretty stunning! It looked pretty much like a Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao, but with fancier design and good

Experiencing life in an Argentinian slum in Iguazu.

While I was solo traveling around Argentina on a budget, one of my must-see places was Iguazu and its breathtaking waterfalls. So you know, I did the usual, every modern girl things would do before the trip. Book my flight, book an inn (making sure there is a shower in my single bedroom and a

Foodporn: spice wakame salad & Peruvian ceviche

When you are exposed to new culture and find yourself mingling with people from countries you had never heard of in your life, consider it a benefit. Or at least my taste buds have been very pleased! Why? Because food is my love! The more orgasmic it is, the better! And what’s the best way

Spanish social meeting etiquette for dummies

Hanging out with Spaniards is no picnic for us, foreigners. So if you are not too familiar with Spanish social life, you may want to read this post before attending an unofficial, friends-only gathering in Spain. Read and learn (from my mistakes)! Thank me later! First thing you should know, Spaniards love chatting. They love touching

The Spanish way of “Hadaka no tsukiai”. Nudity coves in Murcia.

I would have never thought that Spain could change me THAT much. And even in much more ways than I am keen to acknowledge. We’ll talk about it one day (or if I get drunk, or binge eat two bags of Brownie Batter Oreo getting myself on a sugar high, and then accidently and shamelessly

I was rescued by Spanish “Jesus” in Peña Amaya, Burgos.

Things never seem to turn out how I imagine they will. I don’t know if it’s because my expectations are too airy, or if they aren’t airy enough. I am pretty sure that on each hiking trip I take; the universe plays me like a puppet. And I believe, my terrible sense of direction and

Orbaneja del Castillo, Spanish Venice in Burgos.

When I was 18 my parents sent me to a summer English camp in Spain. Hot, sunny summer in Blanes, Costa Brava. You see in terms of learning investment it was a huge waste of money, right? After all these years I can’t even remember how our classes looked like (was I skipping them on a

“Pinta Malasaña” – the epicenter of urban art in Madrid

I don’t trust people who claim to love rainy weather. If you love sad dark grey skies, depressive mode and being stuck inside while becoming crankier than you already are, and then snapping at everyone well, we most probably won’t get along. It was raining cats and dogs the whole past week in Madrid. And

El Chilango Mexican Restaurant, Madrid

I really don’t want to brag, but I have been know as a Mexican food lover for quite some time now. Well ok, freak might better describe my love of Mexican cuisine. And mind you, I am also known as kind of a good cook of Mexican dishes. So every time I am recommended a great

Spanish Sangria – to drink, or not to drink?

Let’s get it straight once for all. Sangría is not a Spanish national drink. Yes, I am aware of the fact that you probably have been told the opposite. And yes, I know how cute the little bottles of Sangría in Spanish gift shops are, right?  This may surprise you but we don’t buy Sangría